More and more companies and institutions are added to the advantages of using QlinkBox. Although product is in a first stage of expansion, many types of companies have already started to test and use it.

A group of 30 managers who share managerial interests use it to stay connected and informed. In this case, therefore, it works like an excellent networking tool.

The 400 business advisors of a direct selling company, who are spread around the world, also work with QlinkBox. It helps them to be up to date about current and new products, trade policy and the sales of their company and their competition. In one screen, all these people can share files, work on existing projects or be connected to social or business networks more interesting for them.

Shortly, Qlinkbox will be also available for a major international museum and a business people' association.

Our network continues to grow. Do you want to join us?

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