QlinkBox the service where any company or group finds the piece that suits theirs demands and facilitate the fit with other external groups or partners.
And in any case, everyone shares, everyone collaborate:

Groups or Associationss

QlinkBox, the more intuitive and complete social network

Share with partners of the company and your files: documents, photos or videos.

Using the common calendar, always updated with the latest changes, you will be aware of everithing.

The information flows easily to everyone thanks to Bulletin Board (internal news) and Links (external ones).

Communication & Marketing

QlinkBox, the most more functional management center of

Manage social networks easily and quickly: All customers are visible and can be posting on all networks and accounts.

Follow news from your sector and information generated by the industry rivals.

Analyze the impact of communication actions and shared them with inside and outside workers.

Business projects

QlinkBox, the tool that connects all your company departments

Forget the constant emails, phone calls and transfer files. QlinkBox centralizes everything in its central screen.

Breaks down the barriers to global communication with the possibility of conference calls and online meetings.

Integrate partners in working groups to inform them of the developments and to share your contributions.

Commercials networks

QlinkBox, contact & information continuous and globally

Around the world, every professional will know which goals are there and how to reach them.

The communication between headquarters and any employee of the network will be easier with simple tool videoconferencing online meetings.

Share any data with a single user or an entire group as documents, reports, schedules or studies on industry rivals with an immediate updating.


QlinkBox, closest contact for worldwide companies

Address to a worker or an entire department with the same rapidity and certainty.

Keep the contact among all employees, regardless of their position or department, through the intranet, to manage multiple projects, always updated.

Follow the various product lines and rivals reports, as QlinkBox also provides the tools meant to provide full detailed datal.

Museums & solicial centers

QlinkBox get in touch specialists from around the world

Manage projects collaboratively allowing each team member to keep abreast of any changes.

Join all your social networks and news management systems, to know and to get known in the global cultural scene.

Integrate partners in working groups to keep up to date developments and to share your contributions.

linkBox means adapted and individualized treatment. So we thought of you and what use can fit best to your demands.
And in any case, everyone shares, everyone collaborate.

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