How can I benefit QlinkBox?

One of the main advantages of all the features of QlinkBox is its ability to optimize time and resources.
Discover with more detail QlinkBox benefits for different types of users.

What I have to do to get registered?
Do I have to download a program?

Registering into the trial version of QlinkBox is as simple as clicking thhe TRY IT NOW icon, on the top right of the homepage.
Then, you only need to identify the user and the organization to which it belongs.
No bank details or more additional downloads.

What I find once registered?
Will I know how to manage it?

QlinkBox ensures easy and suitable navigability for all type of publics, who will find, organized into one central wall, all the offers that QlinkBox.

Tasks , links, groups , news , calendars , social networking ...
Is it all on one screen ?

The distribution of space in different boxes and tabs for managing social media allows grouping all the Qlinkbox features operatively.

Is there anything that indicates the trial days left? What happens when you run out?

Within the Administration tab, at the top, it is shown the remaining days. Next to this, there is a button to acquire the license of the professional version, which will generate an email to process it properly. When the 30 days are exhausted, no longer possible to access the account.

How I can keep up with the latest news of QlinkBox?

QlinkBox always keeps the door open to communication, because users do not miss any details of our progress . With the publication of own and related noticias, interaction through social networks (twitter, facebook), and blog QlinkBox stands for information.

What to do to work with QlinkBox ?

If you are a user, share with us your proposals on how we could improve the service QlinkBox.
If you are a company that wants to enter into the partnership of QlinkBox, you can get more information , but do not hesitate to contact us.

Can people see my data without registering?

One of the pillars of QlinkBox is your system for sharing information.
From your user you can control QlinkBox members which allow you to access your groups and adapt their limits in each case .

How is my personal data protected?

QlinkBox ensures your safety, as well as, for your data, regarding both the hardware and the design & coding . We operate with security servers with daily backups and firewalls.

What is a webinar? How QlinkBox webinars works?

A webinar is an online seminar in which can be documents, videos or other files. QlinkBox uses this tool to provide its users sessions to deepen the tool, as well as other content.

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