Personalized attention along the process in order to adapt the tool to each customer and provide a service according the contracted package.

Namastech policy and QlinkBox therefore is to obtain the satisfaction of our customers and help them get high profitable technology, always improving their work procedures and therefore greater benefits. The success of our customers is our success.

Thereby, as well as in all our developments and set ups, we offer a consistent personal attention post-sell if it is hired to be at your side throughout the process of implementing the system helping you to be an easy process for your organization.

The hardest part can be easy if you are in good hands and if you know what you do, we know the importance of changes in organizations.
We aim to ensure that each and every one of the customers are satisfied with our work. Our main goal is to offer a professional, unquestionable and authentic responsability, by a highly qualified service .

To do this, we have a proven experience both in public sectors as private sectors , with a technical-expert team available to companies, able to adapt to their requirements, with competitiveness in service, quality and price.

Our philosophy is to simplify the computing to be a really useful tool to serve our customers , seize the resources of the company and facilitate the work of their employees.

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